US Ignite invites qualified grant writing professionals to submit proposals for grant writing services and support. We seek individuals or firms with demonstrated expertise in securing Federal grants, foundations, and corporate partners focusing on technology-enabled solutions. 

US Ignite prefers an organization that has experience drafting technology proposals so that they can understand the problem statement and capture details from existing US Ignite resources and team member feedback.

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Services Overview

Grant Proposal Approach and Strategy: Once we have identified a proposal where we can be competitive, we seek support from the vendor in an initial call to define and strengthen our approach and strategy for the proposal.

US Ignite has a long history of securing Federal funding support through various Federal grants and awards to support our mission. As we continue to grow, we need support to buttress our internal capacity to submit compelling proposals for the grant RFPs we identify in our pipeline. We seek a visionary firm to help tell our story, draft compelling proposals, and help augment our capabilities to seek and secure additional Federal grant support.

In addition to US Ignite priming Federal grants, we often partner with individual US Ignite Communities to submit joint applications for support. US Ignite has experience in applying for and receiving support from a wide array of Federal agencies, but in particular, we are looking for multiple resources with proposal experience in:

  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • Department of Transportation (DoT)
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Department of Commerce (including the NTIA and the EDA)
  • State and local governments
  • Foundations and CSR

We look forward to working with one or more selected individuals or firms to identify and deliver complete proposals for new funding opportunities.

Proposal Submission

Questions and Answers

Answers to all clarification questions submitted by May 3, 2024 can be reviewed below.

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Responses to RFP

All responses to this RFP shall be made in writing to [email protected]. Communications made to other US Ignite personnel or attempts to ask questions by phone or in person will not be allowed or recognized as valid and may disqualify the supplier. Suppliers should only rely on written statements issued by the RFP coordinator.

All proposals must be submitted by the extended deadline of May 22, 2024, no later than 8:00 PM EDT to [email protected]. Any bid proposal received after this deadline will not be considered. 

Please download the RFP document below for the full details and evaluation criteria.

Download RFP Document