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PAWR Proposers Day Recap

Recently, the PAWR Project Office hosted Proposers’ Day in Arlington, Virginia. If you’ve been following US Ignite for a while, you know that the Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) program is a joint effort by the National Science Foundation and a wireless industry consortium to create city-scale testing platforms to accelerate fundamental research on wireless communication and networking technologies. The PAWR Project Office (PPO), jointly run by US Ignite and Northeastern University, is managing this $100 million public-private partnership to stand-up and oversee the eventual testing platforms. For Proposers’ Day, we invited wireless researchers, local government leaders and wireless industry experts from the private sector to review the PAWR program goals and timeline, walk-through the PAWR RFP, explore technical support available, and consider opportunities for teaming/partnerships.

We were very encouraged by the full house at the event, and we look forward to the proposals set to come our way in the weeks ahead. You can watch the presentations from PAWR Proposer’s Day in full here.

We were honored to host the National Science Foundation and members of the PAWR Industry Consortium to discuss the significance of the PAWR program. Our industry consortium partners expounded on why they chose to join the consortium and the technological advancements that will result from the innovations catalyzed by PAWR.

To encourage teaming, Proposers’ Day also featured two rounds of Lightning Talks. For these talks, we invited attendees to address the group and share the expertise that they would lend to a PAWR proposal. This portion of our event provided an opportunity for networking and connecting people from various geographies, and we hope to create new proposing teams.

The project office team provided a technical discussion on how proposing teams can collaborate with private industry. The PPO envisions that in the weeks ahead, we will put together a list of single technical point of contact from each company so that proposers can reach out with any questions they may have.

In our view, the success our Proposers’ Day indicates the innovations that will result from the PAWR program. If you have questions about Proposers’ Day or the PAWR program, our Q&A session can be viewed here, or you can visit 

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