The role of gigabit networks in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality launched to great fanfare in 2016, but reports of lackluster sales show it falling short of most industry projections. Slower adoption owes more to a lack of experience in developing content for VR platforms and the limits of current hardware or networks than to a real lack of interest in VR itself. High end […]

US Ignite to Convene Reverse Pitch Events in Nine Communities Throughout the Country

Today, US Ignite announced it will co-host and sponsor a series of reverse pitch events for technologists and entrepreneurs developing ultra high-bandwidth software and applications that will benefit the local community. This is a reverse pitch competition for makers, developers and entrepreneurs developing ultra high-bandwidth hardware, software and applications that want to impact their local […]

Join Our Team: Financial Project Manager

US Ignite is searching for a Financial Project Manager responsible for an exciting new venture to build multiple wireless research labs. This involves developing project baseline budgets, maintaining project schedules, tracking resource usage and project progress, monitoring construction/IT development contracts, identifying potential problems for the Project Director, and using advanced analytical tools such as earned […]

Virtual Reality becomes Real

Some of us learn best by listening, some by reading, some by watching, and others by doing. Since you’re reading this, you might like to learn by reading, like me. I’ve always thought of reading as a fairly high-bandwidth way of learning. I’ve even studied several books on speed reading….the “gigabit” of information ingestion. Learning […]

US Ignite Builds Smart Transportation Tools for Stronger Communities

Working closely with our local government partners, US Ignite’s mission is to support the development and deployment of smart and connected community tools that create broad economic opportunities. Our goal is to catalyze, organize and advise communities to create tools and platforms that position communities for the future by accelerating the adoption of new Smart […]