Virtual Reality becomes Real

Some of us learn best by listening, some by reading, some by watching, and others by doing. Since you’re reading this, you might like to learn by reading, like me. I’ve always thought of reading as a fairly high-bandwidth way of learning. I’ve even studied several books on speed reading….the “gigabit” of information ingestion. Learning […]

US Ignite Builds Smart Transportation Tools for Stronger Communities

Working closely with our local government partners, US Ignite’s mission is to support the development and deployment of smart and connected community tools that create broad economic opportunities. Our goal is to catalyze, organize and advise communities to create tools and platforms that position communities for the future by accelerating the adoption of new Smart […]

US Ignite And Partners Organize NSF Cloud For Everyone Workshop

US Ignite partnered with Georgia Tech, Jackson State University the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, the National Science Foundation and the two NSF Cloud Facilities, CloudLab and Chameleon, to organize the successful NSF Cloud For Everyone Workshop in Atlanta, GA, November 10-11, 2016. The NSF Cloud’s experimental facilities are designed to allow the US Computer […]

Policy Options for the New Administration

In today’s environment, having reliable, fast, and affordable broadband is as important as railways and highways were in an earlier generation. Innovations in wireless and gigabit broadband will enable more personalized medicine, experiential learning, collaborative autonomous vehicles, and personalized emergency response. US Ignite is a non-profit focused on these new applications and services made possible […]

Smart Gigabit Community in Pasco County, Florida

Smart Gigabit Community in Pasco County, Florida is first of its type to be built from the ground up US Ignite has designated a new Florida mixed-use development as the first planned “Smart Gigabit Community” in the United States to be built from the ground up, with a fiber network providing Gigabit internet access. Called […]