The Star of the West

Purdue University’s West Lafayette, Indiana, campus consistently ranks amongst the best public institutions in the U.S. For more than 150 years, Purdue students have received education in science, technology, and agriculture. Today, Purdue University educates almost 40,000 students per year across various studies, including science, engineering, and aviation, and has produced 23 astronauts out of its aerospace engineering program.

At the front door of Purdue sits the Discovery Park District, 400 acres of residential and business space, that is being built from the ground up as the most connected community in the nation. It starts with a neutral host technology infrastructure platform that ensures rapid deployment of 5G capabilities from a variety of providers, not just a single entity, and continues with multi-use spectrum including 5G+, WiFi 6, and private CBRS networks, and a fiber-backed edge data-center. With this foundation, the District is well positioned to foster innovation in emerging areas – including the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data – and support multiple testbeds.

IPI a collaboration vehicle to facilitate engagement with our community. The Innovation Partners Institute (IPI) has sprung up in the District to leverage the cutting-edge technology and connectedness to incubate ideas, launch new technology solutions, and test real-world technology deployments. IPI joins research centers in Aerospace + Defense, Animal Health + Life Sciences, Precision Agriculture, and Advanced Manufacturing.


This hyperconnected community will act as a living lab for new technologies and bring advanced solutions and services to residents, retailers, companies, and innovators who can work alongside Purdue University faculty and students. All 75,000 district visitors and residents will experience and provide valuable feedback to emerging technologies and applications that transform this cyber-physical destination. The District’s ubiquitous WiFi will ensure seamless connectivity for clean energy initiatives like autonomous vehicles and improve digitally-enhanced work and learning opportunities. Through the IoT Innovation Lab in the District’s Convergence Center, students will work alongside top-tier corporations and high-growth businesses with opportunities to apply learning in advanced research and development facilities.

All of these advantages and the proximity to the Purdue campus promise to make the District the new economic engine for the region.

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