Featured Project: Cipher

In late 2019, Ignite South Australia (Ignite SA) helped launch several smart city applications as part of their community outreach.  ‘Cipher’ is a visitor experience platform for museums, galleries and cultural institutions that allows for a raft of personalized content to be delivered to each visitor, triggering audio and visual artifacts from the collection. It can also be tailored based on visitor engagement before, during and after a visit, and can be expanded to enhance other digital humanity collections in Australia and internationally.

Featured Photo: Ignite SA Team at the US Ignite Application Summit

Ignite South Australia – Cipher digital museum experience, Athlete’s AI performance analysis, and NIPA


Community Profile:

In the Great Southern Land, a Great New Beginning. As the first city outside the United States to join US Ignite’s Smart Gigabit Communities program, Adelaide represents a bold first step in creating the global gigabit community we envision for the future.

South Australia is home to 1.7 million people, the famous Ghan Railway, the largest salt lake in the world, and Adelaide, US Ignite’s first Smart Gigabit Community outside of North America. Helping usher in a new era of connectivity for Australia, the city of Adelaide has pledged to support and promote the development of ground-breaking gigabit applications and services for economic, social, and community benefit.

Ignite SA, South Australia’s equivalent of US Ignite harnesses the local gigabit-speed networks to build the foundations for smart communities. Bringing together local government, research, business, developers, and entrepreneurs, Ignite SA will shepherd applications focused on priority areas including water technology, healthy aging, cybersecurity, festivals, and smart tourism.

Adelaide is the first international city to join the growing US Ignite Smart Gigabit Communities program, creating new opportunities for collaboration and information sharing with other US Ignite communities including Adelaide’s sister city: Austin, TX. Through this connection, Adelaide will enjoy a special, 1:1 relationship with Austin, benefiting from shared ideas and innovations that will help both urban ecosystems continue to thrive.

With a concentrated population and excellent research facilities, Adelaide is an ideal location for the development, testing, and refinement of next-gen applications. Using South Australia’s extremely fast broadband infrastructure and working with Adelaide’s innovation precincts (areas of the city that serve as testbeds for new technology) and community partners, Ignite SA will demonstrate that the benefits of gigabit technology are by no means exclusive to the United States.

Adelaide residents can thank Australia’s Department of State Development (DSD) and the University of South Australia—in particular the Information Strategy and Technology Services (ISTS) unit and the Innovation and Collaboration Centre (ICC)—for spearheading Ignite SA and providing a perfect example of the type of collaboration between academia and government that innovation requires in order to truly make a difference.

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