Streetlight Sensors to Improve Community Safety

Arlington County worked with Commonwealth Cyber Initiative, Comcast, and US Ignite to launch the Safety and Innovation Zone in 2021. Set up in the Clarendon neighborhood, this demonstration project utilized smart sensors to capture data on the number of people in the area, decibel levels, humidity, and temperature. Watch the NBC4 Washington broadcast report featuring Arlington County Assistant Chief Information Officer Holly Hartell below:

Reported by Drew Wilder, News4 Northern Virginia Reporter

As mentioned in the news segment, researchers are now analyzing the data and weighing if the project will get a full roll-out. Several benefits can come from the safety sensors- like detecting someone shouting for help or gunshots fired. The insights from the data resulting from this pilot and other projects will help Arlington County determine next steps. However, the local government remains committed to using tech with resident privacy and equity in mind. One goal, says Hartell, is to “…make sure it’s not just benefiting certain areas.”