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Small Town Helps Bring Next-Gen Apps to Life

September 17th, 2013 | By Glenn Ricart

Red Wing, Minnesota is part of a growing movement of small towns across the country that are investing in high-capacity networks to bring big ideas to life. To support these ideas, the community recently launched Red Wing Ignite, a next-generation incubator that engages with public and privates leaders to develop, mentor and deploy new businesses that benefit not only the citizens of Red Wing but also the world.  

Before they even officially opened their doors for business, Red Wing Ignite had begun working to test a game changing application called Real-Time Emergency Response lead by Jeremy Cooperstock and the team of Mike Sterle-Contala, Severin “Sparky” Smith, Jeff Blum, Alex Eichhorn, and Nehil Jain, all from McGill University.

The RtER team choose Red Wing as a testbed community because they have support from Red Wing Ignite, the greater Red Wing community, along with direct access to a high capacity network.  

This game-changing app is arming emergency response personnel with powerful new video tools.  The app combines both live and recorded high-quality video from multiple feeds, organized collaboratively in real-time.  Emergency personnel are able to filter the videos by geographic location and content tags, and shared with other emergency responders in an immersive visualization environment that could dramatically improve decision-making and coordination.

As the RtER team continues to build out and test the application to take advantage of next-gen technologies such as software defined networks, local clouds and symmetric speeds to end-users it has the potential to transform the public safety sector by improving the speed and accuracy of first-responders and ultimately saving lives.

Red Wing Ignite is leading the way for communities across the country and changes the way we live, work, learn and play using next-generation technologies.


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