AR Developer Challenge FAQs


  • How soon will competitions be held?
    Competitions will begin as early as January 2021 and must conclude before the end of August 2021.
  • Are we limited to using Facebook devices or platforms?
    This competition does not require participants to use Facebook-specific tools. 
  • Should we encourage competition participants to use Facebook’s Spark AR platform?
    Yes, US Ignite encourages the use of this development platform; however, the technologies being proposed need not be on a specific device.
  • Are communities in Canada eligible to participate in this Challenge?
    Not at this time. Only communities in the United States are currently eligible to apply.
  • Are only cities eligible to participate in this Challenge?
    Communities don’t necessarily have to be a city or city government. A community could be an accelerator, nonprofit, university, or other group. Communities that are applying to the Challenge are encouraged to form partnerships and demonstrate community support for the Challenge.
  • The announcement lists out potential topic areas. Are we limited to these topic areas?
    No. The topic areas are intentionally broad. We welcome a range of potential proposal pitches that address a challenge faced in your community. We want you to have the best event possible and we encourage you to submit your most creative ideas to engage your local innovation ecosystem. 
  • Do 90% of the awarded funds go to developers?
  • What role will Facebook Reality Labs play in this event?
    Facebook Reality Labs provides the funding for this Challenge.
  • What does hosting an event look like?
    Typically these are events with an initial Call for Concept submissions, a selection of teams to develop applications based on their submissions, and a selection by local experts for final winners. We’ll work with you through the planning and execution of the event to help you have the greatest chance of producing an application or service with real community impact.
  • Are we allowed to select the parameters around who is eligible to participate in this competition?
    This competition will be open to the large spectrum of innovators in your community. Inclusive call for participation is required. 
  • How should we demonstrate a partnership between organizations?
    Applicants should include a statement of commitment from potential partners in their proposal.
  • Must applications be submitted by a city official or government?
    No, just the hosting agency. Communities of all kinds can apply to the Challenge.
  • What is the targeted date for selection of cities?
    US Ignite will notify cities of their selection in early 2021.
  • How will funds be distributed?
    US Ignite will work out a schedule for distributing funds before awarding prizes. If preferred, a staged distribution of funds is possible.

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