SmartCities Utility Infrastructure (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlanta)

SmartCities Utility Infrastructure (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlanta)

Every year millions of gallons of water are lost through leaks in aged water pipes around the world that date back to the turn of the century. Unaccounted for water is as high as 40% in cities around the world. Little is
known about the pipes until leaks are reported, typically above the ground. The project aims to create a non-intrusive and cost-effective approach to better manage aging water pipeline infrastructure and reduce water loss
due to leakage. The project will use the AT&T wireless network (LTE), sensors, sounding technology, and smart dashboards to identify water leaks. Sensors placed in the water distribution infrastructure will utilize wireless
networks to send information such as pressure, temperature, and leak detection. With the system in place leaks can be proactively located instead of waiting for leaks to be reported. In a similar vein, smart lighting solutions can be used to save energy and address smart city applications. The project will introduce a solution that not only is used for lighting control but also for other applications such as traffic and parking management, video imaging, and asset management. Installation sites include Los Angeles CA, Las Vegas NV and Atlanta.

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Impact statement

Cities can collect billions of dollars in unbilled resources lost from water leaks by proactively locating leaks and establishing better predictive major water repair scheduling system.