Brief Description:

Using Data Captured in public space through sensors like video and sound to understand what is happening in the streets. Combining the data with sentiment analysis on Social Media allow for early warning of possible incidents to the police surveillance room. This all to prevent escalation of incidents in an early stage

Challenges and Solutions:

Defining the right algorithms, connecting the dots between sound , movements sound,timent. How is this perceived by the public, does it fit with Privacy regulations. Can we extend this system throughout a city or event to multiple cities.

Major Requirements:

Through a PPP with the city of Eindhoven, the police and the technology companies it is possible to work jointly on innovations and get the residents and entrepreneurs to cooperate. DITSS is the PPP to combine all this and oversee the project. Get Universities involved to study the Privacy and support development of algorithms

Performance Targets/ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

– Less incidents at Stratumseind (Eindhoven)
– More divers pub offering
– Better economy for entertainments district

Measurement Methods:

– Police registration in incidents
– Ongoing communication with pub owners
– Ongoing communication with visitors


– Connecting various data sorts into one environment based on FIWARE. Although algorithm based analytics is done at the edge the data is needed for development of additional algorithms and tro support as evidence when needed

Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability:

The connection layer for sensors is through a smart lighting grid where FIWARE is used to provide an urban data platform in the cloud.

Project Impacts:

Less incidents in a pub street is providing a safer place attracting more people; developing and demonstration this sensor technology has raised interest globally to the region of Eindhoven allowing the local partners specialized in video and sound to grow their business. The usage of a smart lighting grid connects The City of Light (Eindhoven) to a great deal of LED streetlight networks currently implemented.

Demonstration/Deployment Phases: first developments started in 2015.

Phase I Pilot/Demonstration June 2016:
Extend the sensor network to Smart Lighting Grid.
FIWARE nodes available.

Further development of algorithms.

Phase II Deployment June 2017:
Extend sensor network to Mobile Edge Cloud to support easy installation of sensors at any city.

Team Information: Guus Sluijter, City of Eindhoven,
email [email protected]

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