NC Ignite
Public Safety

Helping residents in North Carolina forecast and predict storms for coastal North Carolina waters. The project covers a range of coastal oceanographic and engineering problems, including regional and local tidal phenomena and coupled storm surge and wave hindcasts to identify storm surge and flooding hazards.

Recent collaboration between GENI and RENCI has enabled hurricane forecast event modeling to access GENI’s federated network and computational resources during a weather event. This collaboration has resulted in a scientific workflow that controls the execution of an ensemble of ADCIRC models executing across the GENI federated infrastructure. This work allows NCFS to expand beyond the dedicated hardware resources at RENCI to enabling larger workflow ensembles and higher resolution grids. Moreover the distributed nature of the GENI infrastructure ensures that in urgent computing scenarios, like computing storm surge flood hazards, computation power interconnected by high-speed programmable networks is always available even if certain areas are afflicted by extreme weather phenomena.

Team Information: Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI),

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