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Our project is an app called World Symphony, created to connect musicians and artists from around the world and provide the opportunity to interact with each other. Our app utilizes LoLa (Low Latency Audio and Video Transmissions) with the goal of connecting artists and performers so they can share ideas, practice together, teach each other or simply jam.

Our project addresses the challenge of empowering the city of Phoenix to become a smarter, better, more sustainable city by helping to connect and educate the community through the use of music and technology. It encourages STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) which is ideal for fostering young minds to become more creative. By combining the arts with technology, we are opening doors for users of various skill levels. The World Symphony app will allow for guest speakers in schools across the globe to work collaboratively with teachers, as well as allowing users to learn and create music together. By learning about a variety of music, students will gain new perspectives about different cultures, thus immersing them in new ideas and concepts that will spark creativity and higher level thinking.

Not only will our project unite artistic and tech minded individuals, it will also help with the challenge of transportation. This app will allow our users to practice their art together even if they live on opposite sides of the world. While there are other apps such as Facetime or Skype that allow for video conferencing, none of these platforms allow for the low-latency, high quality audio and video conferencing that the LoLa makes possible. LoLa nodes will be placed in venues like schools, public community centers, libraries and performing art centers. This will eliminate travel time and costs.
The World Symphony app will help make Phoenix a smarter, better city by helping to unify the community, by bringing unique experiences into classrooms and eliminating transportation and location as an obstacle.

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