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WeCounsel is a distance treatment solution for therapists; our customized videoconferencing feature provides an alternative to in-person therapy for those unable to physically make it to the office. Therapists also have the ability to grow their practice through collaboration with health organizations requiring behavioral diagnoses or mental support.

If desired, WeCounsel allows therapists to maintain their entire practice online. Once a verified therapist has created an account and invited their clients into their network, the online interaction commences. Professionals from their own profile can access all clients and client materials, view colleague connections, send messages, schedule appointments, and initiate video conferencing sessions. Therapists may also add fellow colleagues to their network and interact with them via messaging and/or private profile wall posts. Our product allows therapists to effectively and efficiently interact with their clients as well as colleagues. On the other end, clients can use their profiles as a home base while they are in treatment. They will be able to keep written journals, access short hand notes from sessions, message their therapist, and complete and submit assessments or exercises.

This platform gives therapists access to powerful and customizable features such as web conferencing, note taking abilities, and dynamic interactive tools. Additionally, a change in location from either end will not impact the frequency or level of care, making client retention much easier.

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