Public Safety

Clemson University in collaboration with the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SC-DOT) is developing the South Carolina Connected Vehicle Testbed (SC-CVT) located along a 5-mile segment of Interstate I-85 in Greenville South Carolina. As part of the testbed, the team will develop, evaluate, and demonstrate two applications: traffic incident detection and queue warning.

The testbed not only provides a standards-compliant DSRC infrastructure that can be used by SC-DOT and industry collaborators to develop, evaluate, and test CV applications, it also leverages the ongoing research by Clemson researchers in the area of advanced wireless networks. The infrastructure will include WiMAX (or LTE-A) deployed by Clemson to provide broadband wireless, as well as LTE-A commercial cellular services provided by SciWiNet. Communication nodes located at the vehicle, at the edge of the cloud, and within the cloud provide SDN services and capabilities. The underlying network innovation derives from ongoing work on GENI/Wireless solutions that support vertical handoffs and demanding latency requirements of certain CV applications.

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