Virtual World Framework

Virtual World Framework

VWF provides an HTML5 based virtual world collaborative environment and virtual worlds construction environment. The VWF kernel allows seamless realtime collaboration and communication between any users that have a modern web browser on virtually any device. It leverages WebGL to provide interactive and shared 3D environments, WebSockets for high speed collaboration and communication and WebRTC to provide point to point audio and video

Project milestone

Prototype Complete

Idea Complete
Prototype Complete
In Development

Impact statement

Potential benefits include: 1. Educators: easily able to create shared real-time interactive simulations for self-education, educational assessment, and learning 2. Deep and precise educational assessment based on student interaction with simulation 3. Shared and mentored learning, both educator-to-student and student-to-student, across continental distances 4. Adaptive learning: simulations are able to react to students' strengths and weaknesses in real time, closing the loop between error and correction.


  • SDN
  • Low-latency
  • Local cloud / edge computing
  • GENI/US Ignite Rack


Lockheed Martin, DoD Advanced Distributed Learning Lab, BBN Raytheon, SAP America CDG, Northwestern University/StarLight/iCAIR