This project will extend the previously developed Transit-Hub App ( with a multi-modal transit planning services that will include park and ride park integration as well as car share service integration.

The unique innovation will be dynamic multi-horizon look ahead optimization algorithm that will address individual constraints as well as global city scale criteria. Key features of the app include a real-time bus tracker, navigation, service alert notifications, calendar-based personal transit schedule management / notification and a comparison view to evaluate different trip options. By making public transit more predictable, the app encourages customers to use public transit more often. The comparative route view compares public transit options against the cost of using a car. A summary view provides the cumulative time customers have spent using public transit, and that information can be shared with friends.

Team Information: Team Lead:
Abhishek Dubey, Gautam Biswas, Doug Schmidt, Vanderbilt University Martin Lehofer, Siemens, CT

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