Universal Application Delivery via SDN Based Architecture

Universal Application Delivery via SDN Based Architecture

Using SDN and across the board virtualization, service providers can remotely control and deliver any application to users. An example of the application delivery system will be demonstrated. Several server applications will initiate client VMs and deliver and control content remotely. The examples will include web browser, office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, powerpoint, and other), video games, emergency communications, a two way video phone, etc. The dynamic packet priorities will be demonstrated via OpenFlow.

Project milestone

Prototype Complete

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Prototype Complete
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Impact statement

The service providers will be able to maintain control over application updates and maintenance. Users will be able to leverage cloud resources for processing and storage and use thin clients as user devices. GENI network will provide the high speed gigabit communication required for applications. Network managers are able to control packet priorities according to different requirements.


  • SDN
  • OpenFlow
  • Low-latency
  • Local cloud / edge computing
  • Ultra-fast/Gigabit to end-user


This project is supported under a "EAGER: US Ignite: Network Slicing for Emergency Communications,", NSF Award ID: 1258486