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Kiwi prepares students for the uncharted territory of the programming world by improving their technical abilities, developing their soft skills and guiding them as they create their dream project from scratch. By providing a kid-friendly path to use adult coding tools, Kiwi builds self-confidence and turns a middle schooler into a self-taught programmer.

The hardest part in learning to code is comfort with the unknown. Kids want to code, but don’t have a kid-friendly path to becoming a software developer. Current tools are too simple or too difficult, failing to prepare kids for the challenges of coding. It’s more than learning a language. They need to understand the coding skills and tools needed – how to create something from scratch and how to utilize the soft skills necessary for coding like research, debugging and team collaboration. When kids reach these parts of coding, they get frustrated and give up.

Through Kiwi’s platform, we are creating a community of thinkers that understand how to tackle complex problems. By creating a generation of self-taught programmers, Kiwi will give students the technical skills and confidence needed to understand technology. Kiwi is redefining students’ relationships with technology, based on creating, sharing and collaborating, rather than simply consuming. With Kiwi, students will understand the world around them and feel empowered to tackle complex problems. Whether they continue as a software developer or pursue other passions, they will have a stronger understanding of technology, computational thinking and real-world problem-solving

Acknowledgments: US Ignite, Mozilla, NSF, Google, City of Austin

Team Information: Kiwi Compute, Name: Julia Lamorelle
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 513-600-6619

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