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Scroll through and explore these exciting next-generation application in various stages of development. All these applications use next-gen technologies like software-defined networking, local cloud and gigabit to end-user and are transforming how we live, work, learn and play. If you have an applications you would like to include in this growing list, please following the instruction below and join the US Ignite community.


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Smart Gigabit Communities Education & Workforce


The Gigabots bring realtime internet connectivity to educational robotics platforms.

Mozilla Kansas City, KS and MO
Smart Gigabit Communities Energy


ParaDrop is a virtualized platform for home WiFi gateways that allows diverse third-party services (e.g., home automation) to be easily installed and managed. - We will show how developers can install different applications and services ...

Madison, WI
Smart Gigabit Communities None

Remotely-Guided VR Field Trips with "Kvasir-VR" and a Virtual Solar Energy Plant

The project develops technology for teachers and students to share virtual worlds, and applies this to remotely-guided VR field trips. “Kvasir-VR” injects livestreamed 3D teacher imagery into the VR views of immersed students, and integrates ...

Lafayette, LA
Smart Gigabit Communities Public Safety

Creation Of Situational Awareness For Emergency Response And Management Using Next Generation Gigabit Communication Systems

The objective of emergency response is to minimize the impact of the event over time, particularly human casualties, environmental damage and community disruption. Collecting and sharing the emergency data and information in a timely, reliable ...

Smart Gigabit Communities Education & Workforce

4K Microscopy: Next-Generation STEM Education

Chattanooga’s 4K Microscopy Education Program gives K-12 students the opportunity to do authentic research with the most advanced technologies available in ultra high definition video and microscopy. Students devise their own research questions like ...

Low Latency, NSF Funded NSF, US Ignite, Mozilla Chattanooga, TN
Smart Gigabit Communities Education & Workforce


Luna is an AI powered by a democratized neural network programmed to be adaptable and responsive to user needs in ways that current digital AIs cannot achieve through scripted Machine Learning.

San Francisco, CA
Smart Gigabit Communities Education & Workforce

Virtual Realities in Culture: Explorations of the African Diaspora Project

This is a virtual reality (VR) storytelling experience that will allow elementary and middle school students to realize a historical, multi-sensory experience through the use of virtual reality technology built by high school students

Mozilla Mozilla Kansas City, KS and MO
Smart Gigabit Communities General / Platform / Other

4CeeD: Real-Time Data Acquisition and Analysis Framework for Material-related Cyber-Physical Environments

4CeeD focuses on the immense potential of capturing, accurately curating, correlating, and coordinating materials-to-devices digital data in a real-time and trusted manner before fully archiving and publishing them for wide access and sharing. In particular ...

Big Data, NSF Funded Urbana and Champaign, IL
Smart Gigabit Communities Health

Compute For Cancer

Help Cure Cancer While You Sleep. We plan to use the vast amount of unused computing power harnessed from data centers, tablets, phones, PC’s, IoT, cars, and cloud servers to carry out this task ...

Kansas City, KS and MO
US Ignite Next Gen Apps Public Safety


OrangeCone is a Citizen Engagement tool that creates a real-time conversation about public spaces between Citizens and their Governments

US Ignite Forum None

CityPulse (Eindhoven)

Brief Description: Using Data Captured in public space through sensors like video and sound to understand what is happening in the streets. Combining the data with sentiment analysis on Social Media allow for early warning ...

US Ignite Forum None

Vision Zero (Seattle)

Description: The Seattle Department of Transportation is working internally and with Microsoft, the nonprofit DataKind, and data scientists from University of Washington, Microsoft Research, HERE Maps, and others to use data to predict crash probabilities ...