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Scroll through and explore these exciting next-generation application in various stages of development. All these applications use next-gen technologies like software-defined networking, local cloud and gigabit to end-user and are transforming how we live, work, learn and play. If you have an applications you would like to include in this growing list, please following the instruction below and join the US Ignite community.


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Smart Gigabit Communities Transportation

Real-Time See Through Technology for Collected Autonomous Vehicles

Due to scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations, the deployment of autonomous vehicles is on the horizon, which will undoubtedly revolutionize the transportation system in the future.

Chattanooga, TN
Smart Gigabit Communities Transportation

Smart Pavement System

The Smart Pavement™ system created and patented by Integrated Roadways. Durable, precast concrete sections embedded with digital technology and fiber optic connectivity to transform ordinary roads into smart roads.

Kansas City, KS and MO
Smart Gigabit Communities Health

Internet of H2O

We generate robust and resilient nutrient monitoring pilots with the potential to scale across the Great Lakes.

Cleveland, OH
Smart Gigabit Communities Education & Workforce


PanoVR is a collaborative viewer for 360° media content. With the advent of low-cost 360° camera technology, there has been a rapid upsurge in the availability of 360° content; however, little has been done to ...

Smart Gigabit Communities General / Platform / Other

Lafayette Engagement and Research Network (LEaRN)

"Smart Lafayette and the Lafayette Engagement and Research Network (LEaRN) Collaborative is a result of a joint partnership between the Lafayette Consolidated Government, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, CGI, Louisiana Economic Development, the Lafayette ...

Lafayette, LA
US Ignite Next Gen Apps General / Platform / Other

Appra soft

We are mobile app Development Company in USA; we develop iOS and Android app for your business that helps in generating high revenue.

US Ignite Next Gen Apps Education & Workforce

iSocial Virtual Learning Environment

3D Virtual environment for social skills development in adolescents with High Functioning Autism (HFA)

Global City Teams Challenge None

Sustainable, resilient, mobile power for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s disasters (San Francisco)

San Francisco, CA – Deploy mobile, rechargeable power units throughout city departments to intelligently manage and measure energy usage. This can result in reduced energy costs through time shifting consumption from daytime to nighttime and peak ...

Smart Gigabit Communities Public Safety

The Next Generation Business Emergency Operations Center (NextGen BEOC) (Lafayette)

Description: Two states in this collaborative team currently operate Business Emergency Operations Centers to coordinate local level private sector emergency response and recovery: Louisiana and Maryland. Our team will prototype a municipal Business Emergency Operations ...

Lafayette, LA
US Ignite Next Gen Apps Education & Workforce

STEAM Curriculum

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics educational software. Arts are included to teach creativity.

Global City Teams Challenge None

Leisurity (City of Valencia)

Description: Despite the distance (5000 miles) and the size difference (800K vs 26K citizens), the cities of Valencia (Spain) and Lindale (TX, USA) have found each other targeting a common goal: fostering leisure activities as ...

Global City Teams Challenge None

SmartCU (Ota Local Government)

Description 1. The project seeks to create an instrumented, interconnected and intelligent work, social and living environment that engender positive real-time interaction of people, places, things and processes with the Covenant University community. 2. The ...