Smart Pavement System

Smart Pavement System

The Smart Pavement™ system created and patented by Integrated Roadways. Durable, precast concrete sections embedded with digital technology and fiber optic connectivity to transform ordinary roads into smart roads.

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Impact statement

Each interlocking Smart Pavement™ slab incorporates accessible and upgradable digital technology that connects vehicles to the internet and provides real-time information to drivers about traffic, road conditions and accidents.

Much like the touchscreen on a smartphone or tablet, sensors in the pavement can “feel” the positions, weights and velocity of every vehicle on the road, providing superior navigation and telemetry for Level 4 autonomous vehicles and capturing valuable traffic and usage data.

The Smart Pavement system not only provides enhanced connectivity to vehicles on the road, the road itself will actually connect cities and communities with seamless, high-speed data transfer. It truly will become the next Information Super Highway.