We make roads safer, more efficient, & self-funding. We combine existing concrete and electronic technologies in an innovative, proprietary, and patented way – Smart Pavement – in order to enhance functionality.

We create precast, interlocking concrete pavement slabs with embedded fiber optic sensing cable, data lines & power lines, giving roadways the touch-sensitivity similar to a smartphone. Roadbuilding and operations are faster, cheaper, and longer-lasting. There is an adjacent local area network that is required for the slab(s) to operate. The network is an edge-dense digital-physical hybrid neutral host comprised of switch boxes every 200 feet and micro-data-centers (MDC) every ½ mile.

We generate licensing revenues from initial construction and implementation of the network, in addition to long-term, recurring revenues from the owned operations network. By operating as a technology vendor and a network host/operator, overhead from the following is avoided:

•Financing the project
•Operating the production facilities
•Performing the traditional engineering & design for roadway improvements
•Fabricating the product
•Performing the construction
•Managing, operating & improving the completed physical asset (excluding digital elements)

This allows for significant cash flow with relatively low overhead, resulting in healthy margin and income with ability to rapidly scale.

Acknowledgments: Kiewit Corporation, WSP Global, Cisco Systems, Inc, Wichita Concrete Pipe

Team Information: Smart Pavement, Tim Sylvester, Founder & CEO
[email protected]

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