Simulation-as-a-Service for Advanced Manufacturing

Simulation-as-a-Service for Advanced Manufacturing

We want to transform how professionals and students can make and learn-about advanced manufacturing components through a "simulation-as-a-service" app based on cloud resource and software access. Advanced Manufacturing Apps that perform complex modeling and simulation are now becoming available in Marketplaces. App stakeholders face two fundamental challenges in cloud engineering of the App Marketplaces: (i) orchestration of service chaining through an App Runtime, and (ii) finding a suitable cost model to evaluate App pricing strategies. In this project, we address these challenges by proposing a new cloud architecture that aims at supporting an ‘App Marketplace’ that thrives on agile development, organic collaboration and scalable sales of next generation Manufacturing Apps requiring high-performance simulation and modeling. We describe how we are realizing the vision of this architecture through an App Runtime we have developed that leverages a Resource Brokering Service to create App chaining mechanisms.

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Impact statement

The manufacturing users (e.g., TotalSim) have started to use the service offering for advanced design purposes (e.g., computational fluid dynamics design), and are evaluating how they can collaborate and improve their productivity and design effectiveness and make new components in a way not possible today! Also, an example design workflow and "Edu App" from the manufacturing community are being investigated to develop course content for the OSC SI program, where students can learn to make manufacturing components in a way not possible today! We are also investigating ways to stimulate advanced manufacturing startups in City of Dublin, and substantially lower technology/policy barriers to creating new startups by leveraging: (a) collaborative design SaaS apps, (b) public-private cloud computing resources connected to OARnet backbone that is already linked to Dublink, (c) gigabit-class networks such as GENI, and (d) fiber optics as well as data center investments already made by City of Dublin!


  • App Chaining and Resource Brokering
  • Cloud workflow composition
  • Virtual desktops and HPC
  • Layer 2 networking for real-time collaboration
  • Accounting service to price Apps
  • GENI Rack integration for Manufacturing Cyber Workspace


This material is based upon work supported by the City of Dublin, Mozilla Foundation and National Science Foundation under award numbers CNS-1347889, CNS-0714770. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the City of Dublin, Mozilla Foundation or National Science Foundation.