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SeaCat Application Containment framework allows users to access the medical record system in a secure, end-to-end manner.

We secure OpenMRS (open source medical record system) by deploying it in the SeaCat Application Containment framework. A quick explanation of its framework follows. Initially, the user only has access to the default network context. User can browse to request access to the medical record server. The user then goes through SeaCat-enhanced single-sign-on (SSO) procedure. Upon success, the user device is dynamically associated with the secure network context which contains the medical record server. On the user device, the medical record client application is started up within a lightweight container. The lightweight container is also associated with the secure network context. In this manner, access to the medical record system is secured in an end-to-end manner. This application benefits medical personnel who can securely access patient medical records from mobile devices, and patients whose medical records will not be accidentally compromised because of insecure mobile devices.

Team Information: University of Utah, SeaCat project at University of Utah, Kobus Van der Merwe

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