SeaCat: SDN End-to-End Application Containment


Securing OpenMRS (open source medical record system) by deploying it in the SeaCat Application Containment framework.

Demo will show the following:
- Initially user only has access to the default network context.
- User uses a browser to request access to the medical record server.
- User goes through SeaCat-enhanced single-sign-on (SSO) procedure.
- On success:
= User device is dynamically associated with the secure network context which contains the medical record server.
= On the user device the medical record client application is started up within a lightweight container.
= The lightweight container is also associated with the secure network context.
- In this manner access to the medical record system is secured in an end-to-end manner.

Project milestone

In Development

Idea Complete
Prototype Complete
In Development

Impact statement

This application benefits:
• Medical personnel who can securely access patient medical records from mobile devices.
• Patients, whose medical records will not be accidentally compromised because of insecure mobile devices.



  • SDN
  • OpenFlow
  • Advanced wireless