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Our solution allows companies to create and operate a network of charging stations for communities, retailers or corporate parking sites.


We democratize electric vehicle charging with more availability, practicability and profitability. Build your own electric vehicle charging station network with Saascharge and benefit from new business opportunities in this growing market.

Saascharge is a cloud-based software solution that allows industry actors such as utilities, restaurants or carmakers to become electric vehicle charging market players, operate and bill utilisation of chargers. The principle is easy, parking owners (Restaurant, coffees, mall, municipalities) can order charging stations, mandate electricians for the installation, register them on the Saascharge service platform and we interconnect them with EV drivers to manage revenues. The Saascharge platform is open and fully interoperable. It means that you can interconnect your charging infrastructure to any other networks and benefit from additional charging opportunities for your EV drivers.

The benefits of the software platform will enable site owners (municipalities, parking…) to create and operate public EV charging stations without depending on large service providers. This unique self-service platform approach reduces the operational costs of about 50%, increases the amount of charging transactions and offer new business opportunities with drivers consuming (e.g. coffees, restaurant, malls…) while charging.

More on the technology

  • Set up your charging station network
    • Start by selecting the right type of charging stations according to your needs. Saascharge is compatible with all OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) compatible chargers.
    • Mandate an electrician or a service partner for the installation of your charging station.
    • Register the charging station on our platform and start creating your own charging station network
  • Interconnect with other charging station networks
    • With the eRoaming module, we interconnect you to all other EV charging networks and share GPS data of your chargers and ensure more EV drivers.
  • Offer charging services for EV drivers
    • Define your offer and give access to your charging network to all your consumers.

Team & Contact Information

For more information, you can visit our website: or contact us directly at [email protected] or +1 919 858 6250.


Saascharge creates a platform for crowdsourcing and monetizing electric vehicle charging – Team shown above at the US Ignite Application Summit

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