Burlington, VT
Public Safety

We use sensing and information technology to determine the state of infrastructure, and provide it in an appropriate, timely and secure format for the managers, planners and users.

Information processing techniques convert the data in information-laden databases for use in analytics, graphical presentations, metering and planning. We need to develop map of underground utilities using ground penetrating radar, pipe robot telemetry, new construction observations and historical records; using combination of constructive, pattern recognition and data fusion methods. Additionally, we need to place condition and operation sensors into underground infrastructure at key locations. We need to use fiber optic high-speed telecommunications network to transmit data and create underground Infrastructure Information Model database for use in infrastructure management and planning. Finally, we need to Integrate cybersecurity measures into design decisions.

Read more in this Route Fifty article on our underground mapping technology.

Team Information: Team Lead: Dryver Huston, Univ of Vermont ([email protected]) & Tian Xia, ([email protected])

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