Chattanooga, TN

This application allows the driver to “see through” the vehicle in front of them, increasing the driver’s perspective and reaction time to make informed decisions during commute.

Throughout the advancement of technology, a majority of innovations regarding vehicles focus on the amount and quality of sensors that can be equipped to each individual car. While we have come far, this still holds us back, not allowing us to gauge what is occurring outside of our line of sight. Because of this, we are working to connect vehicles together via wireless, low latency transmission, to allow drivers to get a more holistic view of their commute, providing an extra layer of protection for both drivers and pedestrians.

Our current “see through” driving application works with the use of a single camera, capturing information from the vehicle in front of the driver. This extra information could allow drivers to understand decisions that are being made, such as a vehicle slowing down because of an accident, a pedestrian, poor road conditions, or just heavy traffic. The scalability and versatility of this application allows this concept to be turned into a mobile application, where smart devices can capture and report video.

Acknowledgments: National Science Foundation, The Enterprise Center, EPB Fiber Optics, The City of Chattanooga TN

Team Information: Communications and Analysis Lab (SCAL) at UTC, Dr. Mina Sartipi
University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
423-425-5336 (Office)
[email protected]

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