Real-Time See Through Technology for Collected Autonomous Vehicles

Real-Time See Through Technology for Collected Autonomous Vehicles

Due to scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations, the deployment of autonomous vehicles is on the horizon, which will undoubtedly revolutionize the transportation system in the future.

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Our research is about fleet management of large-scale connected autonomous vehicles. We believe that scalability and coordination will provide a powerful solution, and reinforce the transportation revolution due to connected autonomous vehicles. specifically, we demonstrated several interesting applications using see-through technology which can be widely adopted in connected vehicles.

We have implemented such a technology based on two consecutive vehicles. Each vehicle has a webcam. The vehicle in front will send the acquired video to the following vehicle through the Wi-Fi connection that is supported by the high-speed 802.11ac router. Object detection is developed for automatically recognizing vehicles, pedestrians, traffic signs, or traffic light in the video. GPU is exploited to accelerate the speed of image processing. Hence, the vehicle can have a real-time augmented view of traffic scene that in reality may be blocked by the vehicle in front. With consideration of scalability, we will implement image compression to reduce the data rate required on wireless connection and quantify the acceptable performance. We also plan to explore millimeter wave communications (e.g., 802.11ad) to connect vehicles and study the corresponding potentials and limitations.

This project has the potential to serve each community by providing an extra layer of safety for vehicle drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. With the use of real-time see through technology, drivers have the ability to “see through” the vehicle in front of them and determine whether it is safe for themselves and the individuals around them to switch lanes and potentially increase their driving speed without harming anyone or anything they would have been unable to see previously.


National Science Foundation, The Enterprise Center, EPB Fiber Optics, The City of Chattanooga TN