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PlanIT Impact is a web app allowing design and build professionals to quickly obtain and understand annual energy use for buildings, as well as potential cost fluctuations by iterating different scenarios of building materials, insulation, windows, etc.

Our mission at PlanIT Impact is to improve the design and build process through a platform that gives the answers you need, turning the Integrated Design Method into a reality for every project. We view sustainability through the eyes of your clients: with a focus on total cost of ownership and return on investment. We prioritize building performance outcomes in the areas of energy, water, stormwater and transportation.

We’ve transformed some of the most impactful elements of design, build, and operations into an intuitive software platform, allowing professionals to collaborate and make decisions based on answers. PlanIT Impact provides feedback throughout every step of the design process, providing clarity and direction when introducing new attributes. Additionally, there are collaboration capabilities that facilitate the Integrated Design Method, bringing more value to you and your client.

Acknowledgements: We have received in-kind support from NSF, funding from US Ignite and the Mozilla Foundation, as well as Digital SandBox KC, for which we are very grateful.

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PlanIT Impact, Alyson Hallander
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