Phoenix, AZ
Deployed is a customizable notification app built on our iPaaS solution to support Phoenix, AZ’s goals for solid waste/recycling.

Hathority, LLC, is disrupting the handling of solid waste in Phoenix, Arizona by connecting the Public Works Department to customers’ smart devices through a platform we’ve designed that uses sensor data the city collects. The goal: reduce landfill waste, recycle more, and change customer behavior. Customers can opt-in to get real-time information about when, how, and where to place refuse containers and truck location. Anticipated results: improved relationships between the city and its customers, improved routing and route information for drivers, reduced wear on refuse handling equipment, lower maintenance costs, reduced waste to the landfill and improved recycling efforts. City of Phoenix Public Works and their customers benefit from improved communication/coordination, reduced costs, and increased rates of program compliance designed to achieve “zero waste to the landfill” by 2050.

Acknowledgments: US-Ignite, AZIDP, Cisco, Cox, City of Phoenix, Dell Boomi

Team Information:, • Vishwam Annam, [email protected], technical lead/architect
• Philip Bernick, systems architect
• Kiran Nagula, integration expert and programmer
• Muhilan Ramamoorthy, data analyst
• Rhonda Steele, project manager

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