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Packetized Energy Management is an energy resource coordination system that coordinates flexible electricity uses (like water heating, electric vehicle charging, and battery storage) in real time to reduce energy costs, reduce the need for energy infrastructure upgrades, and increase the use of renewable energy on the grid.Packetized Energy Management is a demand-side management tool that builds on approaches used to manage data packets in communication networks without centralized control and with a high level of privacy. The PEM system allows end-use devices like water heaters and batteries to cooperatively balance energy supply and demand in real time, without jeopardizing the reliability of the grid or the quality of service to consumers. PEM optimally manages the rapid fluctuations that come with large amounts of renewable power generation, while simultaneously managing reliability constraints in the bulk transmission and local distribution infrastructure.

Our largest deployment to date is a fleet of residential electric resistance water heater thermostats. These devices have provided Vermont utilities with price arbitrage and peak management services since March of 2018. Packetized Energy plans to expand our offerings to include additional devices and services. Additional devices include heat pump water heaters, cold climate heat pumps, smart thermostats and solar inverters. Additional services include frequency regulation and distribution system management.

Acknowledgments: Packetized Energy has grown through generous support from the University of Vermont, the National Science Foundation, ARPA-E, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, and US DOE.

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