Next-Generation Test and Monitoring Innovations

Next-Generation Test and Monitoring Innovations

See the latest network monitoring/troubleshooting and testing technologies - using inline microprobes and virtual test agents. JDSU would display live demonstrations of JDSU's innovative PacketPortal technology using Laptop based applications and an external network switch, equipped with PacketPortal 1G Ethernet SFProbes. This would be used to display live remote traffic monitoring.

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Idea Complete
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Impact statement

Groups operating distributed networks need remote performance testing and troubleshooting capabilities without delays to access data and without large infrastructure deployments around the network. The PacketPortal SFP transceiver based monitoring capabilities enable live traffic visibility without power or space overheads. This new micro probe format enables new network monitoring approaches for segmented path performance and real time feedback for dynamic network route optimization in an SDN environment to ensure latency/throughput critical applications are best served in a shared network.


  • SDN
  • Low-latency
  • Local cloud / edge computing
  • Advanced wireless
  • Ultra-fast/Gigabit to end-user