Lafayette, LA
Public Safety

Our team will prototype a municipal Business Emergency Operations Center based on a multi-agency, public-private partnership model to optimize information display, communications, and decision-making across private-sector entities, non-profit organizations, and citizen groups involved in disaster response and recovery.

This project has the potential to greatly improve public safety, preserve life, livelihood and property by enhancing collaboration and partnerships between public sector agencies and private sector organizations, and improving multi-agency information sharing and crisis decision-making at an affordable cost. If developed for virtual distributed operations, the system could be transitioned to commercial industries and critical infrastructure systems where redundant control and response capabilities are desirable, such as port facilities, chemical plants and petroleum refineries. It could also permit U.S. agencies and military forces involved in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HA/DR) missions to provide guidance—and potentially even directory control—over remote incidents in allied and foreign countries.

Team Information: Team Lead:
Michael Dunaway, PhD [email protected]

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