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We’re improving hands-on S.T.E.A.M education by reducing the friction associated with planning educational maker projects.

Our network of mentors, and the worldwide maker community, needs a better tool to share their ideas, processes and projects. Documentation can be difficult to allocate time for, and because of that, in the makers’ world there’s an invisible ocean of knowledge that cannot be used. People who do these projects have a difficult time creating documentation around them. We also want to connect makers. If someone in Lagos is working on a solar panel, maybe someone in the same city wants to help. Or if someone in Brazil has a problem they want to solve in recycling, they might connect with someone in Rio who has project ideas. We want to create these connections through the projects and ideas they’re creating. End users will use the Makehub app to discover, plan, remix, and share maker education projects. This can be used by parents and children, educators in the classroom, mentors planning workshops, hobbyists, and others to have the framework, instructions, and community to learn-by-doing at your fingertips anywhere.

Team Information: Yes, we are currently seeking full time front and back end development help and mentorship from the Mozilla community that shares vision and values of the collaborative development and open hardware.

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