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LocaleIQ puts the power of location information management and mapping and collaboration into the hands of any city staff.

Location is important for everything that a city does whether you are managing internal operations (e.g. planning, smart city/IoT/sensor visualization and management, projects, maintenance, and inventory/resource tracking), business outreach (e.g. economic development, local business promotion, permits, contractor/vendor engagement), or community engagement (e.g. planned and unplanned city events, parks and recreation promotion, transportation and mobility, community input, things-to-do, and places to go.)

Cities have hundreds to thousands of employees who manage location information every day, yet have to rely on thinly stretched GIS resources and GIS technologies that do not accommodate real-time updates and dynamic information. City location information management generally takes the form of multiple systems from GIS, to spreadsheets, analytics, and multiple different applications solving single problems all of which deliver, in some form, their own maps and location information.

LocaleIQ is a cloud solution for mapping, dynamic location data and information management, and analytics. It is flexible enough to be used in almost any scenario where you need to associate location information and mapped locations to content, multimedia, and data whether from people, sensors, or machines.

LocaleIQ’s mobile responsive map drawing tools and smart forms make it easy for any city employee or contractor to create maps with rich information associated with a location for both internal city operations and community and business engagement, from the office or the field.

Our map drawing tools and icon library makes creating interactive, digital maps easy, or you can choose to import and stay in sync with your GIS database and real-time sensor networks.

Our smart forms, for consistent data collection and analytics, cover a wide range of city needs from air and water quality tracking, to flora and fauna management, to parks and recreation amenities and activities promotion, demographics tracking, real estate and zoning, and many more.

US Ignite Smart and Connected Cities monthly meeting presentation, LocaleIQ for Smart and Connected Cities

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