A cloud-based platform for integrating city system data in a central information model for real-time visualization, analysis, and archiving.

The B-Scada platform allows real-time data from multiple sources (sensors, logic controllers, network devices, databases, users, etc.) to be consolidated in a unified model that allows multi-dimensional visualization, analysis, and automation. This allows custom dashboards to be created for city planners, managers, technicians, and citizens to view and/or update real-time information using any web-enabled device.

Team Information: B-Scada, Inc., Since 2003, B-Scada has developed software solutions for the acquisition, analysis and visualization of real-time operational and business data from a variety of industrial and commercial sources. B-Scada’s visualization technology has been adopted by some of today’s most successful companies to provide intuitive, high performance user interfaces that transform raw operational data into actionable intelligence. B-Scada’s City Sensing platform is the culmination of years of real-world experience converging with the latest advances in cyber-physical system technology.

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