Cleveland, OH

A new breed of Smart & Connected Infrastructure that enables intelligent regional water management by a cross-sector collaborative of institutions and communities.

The “Smart Lake” application will leverage the urgency to address Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in Lake Erie to build a new breed of Smart & Connected Infrastructure (S&CI) that enables intelligent community water management. Western Lake Erie communities impacted by the HAB toxins need an integrated solution to effectively manage this regional ecological crisis and the nutrient pollution that drives it. DigitalC and Cleveland Water Alliance are collaborating with regional partners to develop and deploy a system that transforms diverse data into useful tools to enable effective community solutions. This “Smart Lake” solution will improve the quality of life in impacted communities by reducing public health risks, increasing access to amenities, and mitigating economic impacts. Moreover, through sustained co-development with community partners, this system will transition to an operational funding model and scale to impact an evolving set of challenges across other water resources.

The Smart Lake Team will: 1) Implement S&CI, including distributed sensors, satellite spectrometry, real-time telemetry, and advanced algorithms, to understand nutrient and toxin dynamics in Sandusky Bay. 2) Leverage S&CI to identify nutrient and toxin hotspots, enable effective reduction projects, and allow real-time responses to loading events. 3) Develop user-facing Smart and Connected Products (S&CP) to inform and empower the actions of institutional users and the general public.

Acknowledgments: AT&T, Bowling Green State University, Case Western Reserve University, Cisco Systems, Great Lakes Observing System, Heidelberg University, Kent State University, LimnoTech, NASA Glenn Research Center, NASA Regional Economic Development Program, NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab, NOAA Integrated Ocean Observing System, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio, Environmental Protection Agency, Ohio State University, US Ignite, YSI, a Xylem Brand

Team Information: DigitalC and Cleveland Water Alliance, Max Herzog
[email protected]

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