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Public Safety

iNotify is a versatile multipurpose cloud-based AI platform capable of real-time generation and delivery of intelligence from video, audio, and text. This is coupled with an application for smart devices that notifies users in real-time.

See spotlight video above on public safety applications including iNotify

iNotify is an AI platform that can be tailored to individual customer needs with the ability to incorporate, join, and scale multiple open source, proprietary, or our own AI models. This can be tailored for any real-time AI applications that the customer may need. The platform is especially designed to be extensible for quick and easy adaptability and growth for the customer’s future AI needs. It contains real-time, low-latency processing with push delivery that is persistent, bidirectional, reliable, and on demand. Finally, we developed a real-time, cloud-based interface for administrators that presents a unified view of relevant media and aggregated intelligence. Included is the ability to collaborate anywhere in the world in real-time (a low latency high-bandwidth underlying infrastructure is assumed). Collaborators may form groups and teams on the fly to consume, exchange, and deliver their expertise, which may be shared or added to the primary intelligence stream.

The accompanied smartphone application can help identify, locate, and track wielded guns in prohibited areas to send notifications to vulnerable individuals and authorities. Subscribers get real-time notifications before shots are fired, allowing them valuable time and opportunity to take preemptive defensive action. iNotify AI technology eliminates need for human video surveillance by enabling intelligence for video cameras; these cameras understand and convey important aspects of what they see to people who may need it in real-time.

iNotify – Real-time video analytics for active shooter incidents; team pictured above at US Ignite App Summit


Acknowledgments: Angel investors, City of Richardson, University of Texas System, US Ignite, GENI infrastructure, Institute for Technology in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, NSF, Advantech Consulting

Team Information: Plano Intelligence Inc, Ashlesha Nesarikar
Founder and President
[email protected]
+1 (214) 718-3171

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