Foolproof Receipt Booklet for collection of Government Internally Generated Revenue (Anambra State)

Foolproof Receipt Booklet for collection of Government Internally Generated Revenue (Anambra State)


This is a proposal for deployment of a software solution to eradicate fake receipts used to illegally siphon Government Internally Generated Revenue.
The solution will generate coded receipts. Every receipt can be authenticated and entry made on receipts can be tracked


While deployment of the software will increase IGR and create employment for agents, these agents will have to be trained in the utilization of the new system. Also, WiFi HotSpots, Dongles or VSATs are required as the system requires internet access to provide full functionality

Major Requirements:

Major steps required are as follows:
1. Software development
2. Production of coded receipts utilizing software
3. Provision of hand held devices (or Smart phones),dongles and creation of Wi-Fi hotspot as required
4. Training of agents
5. Deployment of solution in selected city

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

This project seeks to achieve the following
1. Eliminate fake receipts used to illegally siphon government IGR (99.99%)
2. Provide an accurate account of IGR that was collected per receipt booklet, per agent, per MDA (Ministries, Departments and Agencies)and finally by the government (99.99%)
3. Enumerate and digitize the record of tax payers in the State (over 50%)

Measurement Methods:

1. The IGR collected with the new system will be compared to historical data
2. Every dispute pertaining to payment of taxes/levies such as amount paid, when paid, and whom it was paid to, etc can be unambiguously resolved


The software solution is developed in php. It uses a MySQL database at the backend. MySQL is highly interoperable.

Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability:

The project can be easily replicated. Receipts can be easily customized for use by various Ministries, Departments and Agencies of any government.

Project Impacts:

A lot of government Internally Generated Revenue is usually lost to fraud. Miscreants, touts and fake agents pocket Government Revenue to the detriment of Government and citizens who have paid Taxes/ Levies and are expecting Services from Government.
This solution will ensure that IGR is substantially received (99.99%) by Government.
Employment opportunities will be created for agents who are required to collect IGR with the new system
The quality of life of the citizenry will be uplifted as the Government will have more revenue available to render services to the citizenry


This solutions provides 3 techniques to authenticate receipts :
1. Code on the receipt is scanned and decoded. A visual inspection is used to confirm that decoded image yields expected result. Both image and expected result are conspicuously displayed on the receipt.
2. The second technique involves the use of Short Message Service (SMS) to further authenticate the receipt.
3. The third technique involves the online authentication of the receipt. It will show a visual image of (valid) receipts. This method requires an internet connection.

Phase I Pilot/Demonstration June 2016:
In selected city, Revenue agents will be trained and provided with hand held devices (or Smart Phones) to decode receipts and register transactions. Registration of transaction and full authentication of receipts will require internet access. Therefore the revenue agents will also be provided with a dongle or operate in an area with internet service such as Wi-Fi hotspot.

Phase II Deployment June 2017:
Rollout across the entire 21 local government areas of the state

Project milestone

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Idea Complete
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