Foresite Health Monitoring

Foresite Health Monitoring

FORESITE HEALTH MONITORING SYSTEM's advanced monitoring technology utilizes the entire suite of FORESITE products to analyze in-depth data to accurately predict and prevent health issues such as: falls, heart problems, depression, strokes, respiratory problems, urinary tract infections and more. Four independent monitoring products work together to power
the Foresite Health Monitoring System. These products
can be installed individually or in any combination to provide
a customized monitoring package to fit specific needs. 1. FORESITE Fall Prevention: Sensors collect data, which is
analyzed using proven algorithms,
to detect a fall with remarkable
accuracy should it occur and notify
medical staff immediately via text and
email. Foresite Fall Prevention’s
continuous monitoring also provides a
fall risk assessment, allowing those at
higher risk to receive care to prevent
a fall from occurring. 2. FORESITE Activity Monitoring: Specialized motion sensors collect and
analyze data on activity levels within an
area. Medical staff will be notified if a
patient has become increasingly inactive
or if mobility has decreased, as these
could be early signs of a potential
negative life event. 3. FORESITE Bed Monitoring: A state of the art under-bed sensor
collects data on an individual’s vital signs
and movements while they are in bed. This
data is analyzed and can help detect the
potential for a negative life event and
provide medical staff with information
used to provide preventative care. 4. FORESITE Illness detection: FORESITE analyzes data collected
by sensors to detect negative life
events such as strokes, heart
problems and respiratory problems.
When an increased probability of a
negative live event is detected a
text or email is sent immediately to
identified contacts whether it is
the user, the user's family and/or
medical personnel.

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Impact statement

Providing care before a negative life event such as a fall, stroke or heart attack
occurs allows the individual to avoid the lengthy and costly recovery associated
with care given after an event has occured. Healthcare facilities practicing
preventative care benefit by increasing the quality of care and quality of life
for their clients while reducing the overall cost of care.


  • OpenFlow
  • Low-latency
  • Local cloud / edge computing
  • Ultra-fast/Gigabit to end-user


Intellectual property of this work has been licensed from the University of Missouri – Columbia.