Cityzenith 5D Smart City

Cityzenith 5D Smart City

Cityzenith's 5D Smart City UI and app stack platform empower cities around the world to develop and deploy standards-based solutions.

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The technology platform of choice for the world’s Smartest Cities, 5D Smart City™ is a cloud-based, Smart Enterprise SaaS solution that maps the massive amounts of data created by modern cities—Open Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), and Social Media—to an intuitive, fully interactive 3D Universal Interface that everyone from the Mayor to the technician in the field to the local resident walking down the street can easily use. Winner of a World Smart City Award in Barcelona in 2013 and the brainchild of Remi Arnaud, formerly the lead developer of Google Earth™, 5D Smart City™ has been in development at our Chicago and Silicon Valley labs for five years and is now rolling out around the world. The platform is used to produce city apps and city data such as, construction and infrastructure monitoring, green house gas emissions and energy consumption, traffic and parking optimization, sensor data consolidation, public safety alerts, many more.

The explosion of unstructured city big data (on average each big city produces 4.1 terabytes per square kilometer per day) that lies latent creates an opportunity for a platform that manages, analyses, presents, optimizes and monetizes city data and then facilitates collaboration between cities. Cityzenith’s 5D SMART City™ platform technology fills that void, empowering cities and commercial parties vending to them, to generate incremental non-tax revenue, reduce cost, enhance and enforce compliance, increase productivity, and reduce risk. The company is currently working in Chicago, San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Chicago, with over 20 cities to follow in the next wave globally. Cityzenith is partnered with C40 Cities, Global City Indicators Facility/ISO, City Protocol Society, and Verizon. For more information visit .


Patricia McCarney, GCIF ISO James McCabe, NIST Brenna Berman, CIO, City of Chicago Barry Hooper, Director, Green Building Program, San Francisco Dept. of the Environment Manel Sanroma, CIO, City of Barcelona Ger Baron, CIO, City of Amsterdam