Applied Robotics for Installation and Base Operations (ARIBO) is a new approach to technology transition for the Army. It is a series of living laboratories that coordinate effort and investment to accelerate the adoption of automated technologies by placing them in useful scenarios where they can safely have a positive impact – today. ARIBO aligns objectives across government agencies and affordably leverages investments in automated ground systems for common goals. This project utilizes automated vehicle pilots to provide data designed to accelerate the adoption and commercialization of UAVs. It combined communication; controls, surveillance, and environmental modeling in autonomous unmanned vehicle systems to help save lives through fast response in warfighting and disaster scenarios. Team ARIBO, sponsored in part by the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), demonstrated the potential benefits of cyber-physical systems technology, programs and test beds to improve safety, sustainability, efficiency, mobility and overall quality of life. Autonomous systems and autonomy-enabled manned ground platforms are enabling capabilities that provide force multiplication to warfighting functions and to large installations. They help develop an understanding of how to leverage autonomy and autonomous.

Many businesses and communities can benefit from accelerated adoption of automated technologies developed by the army through coordinated investment in useful demonstration scenarios where they can safely have a positive impact — today.

Team Information: Corey Clothier, CEO, Comet Consulting, Greenville, SC; Tampa, FL, Greenwich England, MOSI, DOE-NREL, FHWA, Autonomous Stuff, Harbrick, Hevo, EPFL, Lausanne; U.S. ARMY TARDEC, INDUCT, UNICOR, COMET, STANFORD UNIVERSITY, FORT BRAGG, WEST POINT, CVPC, UTARI

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