dropark: Your Parking Solution

dropark: Your Parking Solution

dropark is a real-time parking solution. We allow drivers to know exactly where a parking space is available to them, while allowing parking lot owners to efficiently manage and monetize their parking spaces.

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Impact statement

We make parking easy. Whether you’re a driver, owner of a parking lot, a municipality working to better understand the needs and behaviors of citizens, or an auto maker beginning to work on integrating a self parking solution, we are building and developing for you.

For the driver, we aim to reduce the time and stress it takes to find a parking space. There will be no need to circle around for parking spaces because our app will tell you exactly where to park. There is no need to go to a parking meter, deal with a parking attendant, or worry about the legality of your parking.
For the parking lot owner, we aim to help reduce the costs of managing a property, while also increasing parking sales. We provide you analytics that will prove that by using our application, you can earn more revenue on your parking spaces.


US Ignite, RIOT NC, RIOT Labs, Wireless Research Center of Durham