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dropark is a real-time parking solution. We allow drivers to know exactly where a parking space is available to them, while allowing parking lot owners to efficiently manage and monetize their parking spaces.

We make parking easy. Whether you’re a driver, owner of a parking lot, a municipality working to better understand the needs and behaviors of citizens, or an auto maker beginning to work on integrating a self parking solution, we are building and developing for you.

For the driver, we aim to reduce the time and stress it takes to find a parking space. There will be no need to circle around for parking spaces because our app will tell you exactly where to park. There is no need to go to a parking meter, deal with a parking attendant, or worry about the legality of your parking.
For the parking lot owner, we aim to help reduce the costs of managing a property, while also increasing parking sales. We provide you analytics that will prove that by using our application, you can earn more revenue on your parking spaces.

Acknowledgments: US Ignite, RIOT NC, RIOT Labs, Wireless Research Center of Durham

Team Information: dropark, Product Architect & CEO
Mahdi Inaya
[email protected]
(919) 341-9656

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