Drone-carried On-demand WiFi Networks

Drone-carried On-demand WiFi Networks

The drone-carried on-demand WiFi networks provide in-time, reliable and high-speed WiFi access at emergencies, public events, and rural areas when such infrastructures are destroyed, do not meet the demands, or do not exist.

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Prototype Complete

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Prototype Complete
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Impact statement

Public safety and emergency responders can significantly benefit from this application. In emergencies where communication infrastructure such as commercial cellular networks and cable links are destroyed or do not meet the demands, the drone-carried on-demand WiFi networks quickly provide robust and high-bandwidth WiFi access, which is critical for rescue missions by enabling coordination, information dissemination, and the connection of emergency zones to the outside. A heading control enables robust connection despite disturbances and drone mobility.


  • Advanced wireless
  • Ultra-fast/Gigabit to end-user


This project was partially supported by NSF (CNS #1522458)