Docity Health

Docity Health

Docity Health is a live streaming telehealth application that uses peer-to-peer connection to allow face-to-face virtual visits between providers and patients. The software also transmits real time video from devices, such as otoscopes, over a secure end-to-end network from the patient’s home.

Project milestone


Idea Complete
Prototype Complete
In Development

Impact statement

Docity is offered to consumers through direct, on-bill partnerships with broadband and internet service providers as part of the bundles they pay for each month. As part of the new “triple play”, local clinics and healthcare organizations are allowed to join the open access network and immediately offer telehealth to patients, without standard upfront costs.

Furthermore, Docity is able to work with the ISP to build enhanced software defined networks, or activate other networking capabilities, such as VPLS and VPN. As a result, healthcare access is universal with local providers and health systems, enhancing patient and provider satisfaction, outcomes, and continuity of care.


Docity Health has received funding from angel investors and PS27 Ventures in Jacksonville, FL. Additionally, Docity received grant funding in partnership with Chattanooga EPB, The Enterprise Center of Chattanooga, and US Ignite.