Burlington, VT
Public Safety

Effective digital forensic and cyber security techniques are possible from across the country. We will discuss the current state of remote digital forensics and cyber security. Focusing on time, we look into how long this currently takes, and the strengths and weaknesses.

Law enforcement can adopt this technology to essentially walk into a search warrant anywhere there is a gigabit connection and have a remote expert preview and capture data from the machine in question. It equates to having a “Forensic Operations Center” for local/state/federal law enforcement staffed with experts who can respond to multiple agencies at a given moment. There will be no need to have a team of highly trained experts at the scene of the crime, instead only needing to train your first responders to do a specific process which helps automate the process. Private industries can use this technology to extend it’s digital forensic capabilities as well.

Team Information: Leahy Center for Digital Forensics (LCDI), The Senator Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Forensics (LCDI) is an extension of Champlain College’s undergraduate and graduate programs in Digital Forensics that connects academic theory with professional practice and the expansion of knowledge. Jonathan Rajewski.

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