Connected Collaboration

Connected Collaboration

Connected Collaboration is a free, open source high definition, high fidelity, point-to-point video conferencing solution over gigabit networks using commodity PC and Mac hardware. It runs between client computers and does not use an expensive MCU or conferencing bridge. We will show the difference in audio and video quality between video conferencing over the commodity internet and Connected Collaboration over gig networks. We will demonstrate several Connected Collaboration sessions including person-to-person and instructor-to-class, scenarios using GENI technology to replicate remote video streams in Chicago. Scenarios will include health and wellness, STEM education, and a duet between musicians in Cleveland and Chicago all done with commodity computers and webcams.

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Impact statement

Connected Collaboration is a core building block for gig apps. It is free, open source, and alpha versions are available now. You can incorporate its incredible high-definition video and high-fidelity audio in your apps.


Connected Collaboration was funded by an NSF US Ignite grant.