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The team behind leading experience design studio Sandpit, has created a game-changing visitor experience product for cultural institutions called Cipher.

‘Cipher’ is a visitor experience platform for museums, galleries and cultural institutions that allow for a rant of personalized content to be delivered to each visitor, triggering audio and visual artifacts from the collection. IT can also be tailored based on visitor engagement before, during and after their visit and expanded to enhance other digital humanity collections in Australia and internationally.

Cipher was the winner of the Ignite SA’s Preserve reverse challenge which was conducted in conjunction with the South Australian Museum with the brief to utilize South Australia’s high-speed networks to make the Museum’s extraordinary collection of Australian Aboriginal culture accessible to the world.

As part of the Ignite SA Gigabit Challenge: Preserve, SandPit was awarded $20,000 to digitize the South Australian Museum’s Aboriginal culture collection and a $5,000 travel grant.

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