Envision Greenville in 2018 with a multimodal transportation plan across multi-jurisdictional Greenville Pickens Area Transport Study (GPATS) area from Greenville Spartanburg (GSP) airport through Greenville’s urban areas to Clemson University. In addition to automobiles, the various modes connected at mobility hubs include:
– smarter bus transit (including electric buses, traffic light sensors, etc);
– more bike and pedestrian-friendly pathways;
– connected, assisted, or automated/driverless, LSEV (or aTaxi) shuttle services; and
– connected, automated transit network (ATN) system aka personal rapid transit (PRT).

GreenVillages development will occur around major mobility hubs with charging stations and retail service areas. People enjoy living in campus-like GreenVillages developments and connecting via transport nodes to work, shop, learn, heal and play. Better connectivity for people living along urban corridors helps deal with the issues of first/last mile transport so they would not need to own a car, and reduces traffic congestion, air pollution, transportation costs and traffic accidents. Financial innovations in Public Private Partnerships demonstrate the ability to resolve transportation challenges faster and serve more citizens with lower costs.

Major Developments between 2016 and 2020 in ATN alone could include the following achievements:
1) ATN projects in Greenville begin in 2016 w/ pilot system track at CU-ICAR & ITIC to test & validate operation;
2) GSP Airport plans an ATN system between its terminal and remote parking lots and an airpark office complex;
3) The CUICAR pilot expands to Woodruff Road and along the GCEDC corridor to Downtown Greenville;
4) GSP Airport ATN opens in 2018 and plans to connect with Michelin NA HQ at the I-85/Pelham Road complex;
5) ATN connects major Downtown attractor locations, including Greenville Memorial/IMED and Bon Secours Hospital main complexes as well as Westside, City View and Legacy School areas;
6) Downtown ATN connects to Michelin NA HQ at the I-85/Pelham Road complex;
7) Clemson University & City build an ATN system;
8) Clemson and Greenville connect;
9) GSP ATN connects to Greer and Spartanburg;
10) Spartanburg ATN connects to Gaffney, Gastonia, and Charlotte; and
11) Clemson ATN connects to Anderson, Gainesville, and Atlanta

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

ATN riders will enjoy convenience & comfort and grow from 0 to 15% in 10 years.
ATN riders and vehicles on grade-separated routeways will have zero accidents in 10 years.
Congestion & air pollution will decline by 15% in 10 years.
Savings in parking deck construction will exceed $100 million in 10 years.
Tourism will grow by 10% in 10 years.
ATN will attract mixed economic development of over $2Billion by 2025.
Population w/University education and improved healthcare measures will rise by 10%

Measurement Methods:

Current baseline data is available. “Big data” is being collected to show changes.
Improved sensors will measure savings and improvements to provide timely, real time data and analysis.

Project’s Impact:

GreenVillages economic development is a primary objective of the multi-modal corridor projects. GreenVillages are places in which people love to live, easily connecting with other villages where they can work, learn, heal, shop and play. Property tax revenue increases pay for infrastructure development, e.g. 200 bedroom apartment complex costing $20M will generate an extra $400,000 tax revenue/year – over 10 years = $4M total.
Between 2015 and 2030, more than $3 Billion development is projected as Greenville County population doubles from 500,000 to over 1 million.
The County intends to maintain its fiscally strong (AAA+ credit rating) with clean air, water, and sewer, low cost energy, strong education, high quality healthcare, and high speed connectivity. Recently rated the fourth best community in America for retirement, we expect to maintain that attractive nature, even as we grow in population.

Team Lead Name and Email: Fred Payne, Greenville (SC) County Council; Chair, GCEDC; [email protected]

Team Information: Team Lead:
Fred Payne, Chair, GCEDC, Greenville County, SC
[email protected]

2016 Team Members

Bob Taylor, Chair, Greenville Council

Butch Kirven, Chair, GPATS

Dave Edwards, President, GSP Airport

Doug Webster, CBRE and Chair, GRAC

Peter Strub, GCEDC

Joe Dill, GCEDC

Pat Robinson, GCEDC

Mayor JC Cook, City of Clemson

Al Babinicz, Director, CATbus

Fred Cartwright, Executive Director, CU-ICAR

Dr. Zoran Filipi, Chair, Automotive Engineering, CU-ICAR

Dr. John McGregor, CU

John Hopkins, Executive Director, ITIC

Dr. Joachim Taiber, CTO, ITIC

Matt Carter, Chair, GTA

Mark Rickards, Director, GTA

Bob Bunchman, Co-Chair, GAT

Tom Kedrowski, Co-Chair, GAT

Dr. Bill Lovegrove, BJU

Rose Marie Arnau, AT&T

Kimber Parrish, Club Car

Brad Van Meter, Trane

Rich Penner, Ingersoll Rand

Rose Marie Arnau, AT&T

Frank Blundetto, IBM

Jim Haskins, Cisco

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