The City of Kansas City, Ks has identified the corner of 11th and Minnesota for construction of a new community center and grocery store. The City would like to make these development projects the centerpiece of a “Healthy Campus”—a defined mixed-use geographic area that clusters assets to achieve measure public health benefits. “Smart city” component to the healthy campus might include:
• Widespread wireless/wifi connectivity throughout the campus footprint
• Physical touchpoints within the campus for health information and service (e.g., walk-in clinics, telemedicine sites, monitoring or assessment stations, health records access points)
• Data integration of personal devices and public sensors (e.g., smart phone, fit bit, activity monitors, campus amenity usage, air quality) to look at the “population health” of the healthy campus population

Obviously, the concept is very high level and open-ended at this point—essentially the question is, can we incorporate connectivity, sensors, data, and an inclination toward experimentation and innovation to encourage better health outcomes associated with the healthy campus. Korea Telecom (an interested potential collaborator) has a platform for Healthcare Services that fits this model, and a descriptive doc is available for those interested.

• Potential for improved health outcomes within a population of high need.
• Leverages KCK’s tech infrastructure and innovation capacity.
• Attract additional funding/interest/attention to the Healthy Campus project.
• Create another sensor-driven, interdisciplinary smart city test bed within the region, yielding greater diversity and more opportunities for vendor engagement and experimentation.

Recognizing the city’s interest in both the Healthy Campus concept, and its commitment to tech innovation, KC Digital Drive proposed incorporating a “smart city” technology component to the campus and pitched the general concept at the Global Cities Team Challenge (GCTC) in Nov 2015.

Would likely require significant (7-figure) investment, but as a percentage of total Healthy Campus budget, it may be reasonable. Currently very early concept phase, no funding attached at this time.

Key Partners
Local: KCK, (project manager)
Global: Several potential partners expressed interest at GCTC and joined the project team on an exploratory basis: Korea Telecom (integrated smart health platform), Verizon (connectivity), UMKC (academic research, Baek-Young Choi) and ??? (a DC based data analytics firm), suggesting there may be some legs with the vendor community.
Potential Local Partners: REACH Foundation, KU Med, UMKC Center for Health Insights have all expressed interest in the project and to be updated as needed

Team Lead Contact Information: Aaron Deacon, KC Digital Drive [email protected]

Team Information: Team Lead Contact Information: Aaron Deacon, KC Digital Drive [email protected]

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