Capture of the surrounding environment by casual users of mobile and wearables for creating a live 3D model of the real world

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Idea Complete

Idea Complete
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Impact statement

City planners will be able to see a live "Google Earth"-like view of the environment, not a view collected in the past which does not account for the live conditions (example, planning an escape route on an outdated virtual city view where the route seems free of obstacles but where there is in fact an accident that happened preventing that route to be taken) Tourists will be able to go virtually anywhere users are collecting data and see a live 3D world of the real world at that location. Ability to see a location as it look in the past is possible too Enabling all Augmented Reality concepts in city. In city there is an issue with GPS to penetrate in between tall building to get an accurate location. In addition sensors such as GPS and IMU in phone are not accurate enough. As a consequence all AR apps to navigate, annotate the coat in the store with the price, or show you the restaurant around do not work as the accuracy is not sufficient and as such a map is still more useful. This database will contain the 3D data allowing to improve the pose estimation to what is needs to be using computer vision and a knowledge of the surrounding environment as collected in the database Many LBS use cases will be dramatically improved and uses of Google Earth like viewer will be much higher resolutions and precision and support better decisions to be made . That database, similar in some way to Google Earth is then being exploited for many usages including tourism, city planning, and precise LBS and Augmented Reality apps to go from concept to reality. The success of such a project relies on the participation of the mass with issues such as privacy and ownership of the data to be resolved for many people to want to participate. However with a clear message about the public utility, ensuring the control and ownership of data with their original owner, and tight restriction on usage of those data by companies providing a service on top of it, we feel this project could be a success for the whole humanity


  • Low-latency
  • Local cloud / edge computing