FIWARE and OASC - Enabling smarter car navigation through cities

FIWARE and OASC - Enabling smarter car navigation through cities

Brief Description:

Car navigation experience on route is enriched by providing real time environmental information about the city and its facilities.
Drivers are guided to a suitable parking spot (indoors or outdoors), depending on different parameters.
A data marketplace is enabled. Additional data providers can register into the FIWARE Business Framework and offer extra data sets which can be bought by drivers.


Provide a smarter car navigator which can work with data exposed by multiple cities using harmonized APIs (NGSIv2) and data models
Integrate, harmonized, real time data from a number of cities in different countries (Santander, Seville, Porto, Antwerpen)
Develop a new concept of car navigator in a connected car environment, exploiting smart city IoT infrastructures together with open data and a Business Framework, enabling the economy of data

Major Requirements:

Expose, through NGSIv2 APIs, smart city real time data suitable to be exploited on route by car drivers, including, but not limited to, on and off street parking, air quality information, weather information (observed and forecasted).
Support of the city hall for a fast development (integration, communications, share data via FIWARE and more)
Marketing support to get users
Engagement of car navigator providers to include FIWARE NGSI interoperability in their products

Performance Targets/ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs

15% reduction of traffic at downtown
15% improvement of the air quality at downtown
25% of time reduction when searching for parking in the city

Measurement Methods:

Data analytics on the number of users using the app
Data analytics on the number of cars which include this technology
Air quality data collected in areas of interest


This project uses FIWARE (, a public, royalty-free and open source platform that eases the development of Smart Applications in multiple vertical sectors. FIWARE brings harmonized APIs (NGSIv2) and data models, which represent a pivot point for Interoperability and Portability of smart city applications and services.

Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

Such FIWARE NGSIv2 API is one of the pillars of the Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative ( A driven-by-implementation initiative that works to address the needs from the cities avoiding vendor lock-in, comparability to benchmark performance, and easy sharing of best practices. There are currently 89 cities from 19 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific who have officially joined this initiative.

Project Impacts:

Improve the access to municipal data, improving the citizen engagement and increasing the number of users of the public services (including public transportation).
Congregate in one single application to a huge number of citizens and visitors of the city.

Demonstration/Deployment Phases:

Phase I Pilot/Demonstration June 2016:
Replicate the App for a US City
Integrate all the data accessing to public systems and servers.
Phase II Deployment June 2017:
Deployment on car navigators sold by car manufacturers
Offer the application through the Android Google Play for public download

Project milestone

Idea Complete

Idea Complete
Prototype Complete
In Development